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I started my own business Ivan's Carpentry 6 years ago and have steadily grown each year as more people see the quality of workmanship and the difference in style I bring to the site.
I am a qualified carpenter with 10 years experience in the trade. I have certificates 2, 3 and 4 in construction as well as certificate 4 in civil construction. I am licensed to do my own excavation and will do most jobs myself from the ground up.

I wanted to change the perception of what builders and tradesmen were seen to be from the stand  over loud almost intimidating person. My goal was to be there for the customer to listen to what they wanted and make them feel that they had a sense of accomplishment at the same time.
I wanted to be the person that comes to work because they love what they do and have a rapport with each client on the job.

From past experience I had seen the lack of quality and dodgy workmanship that non qualified people were doing and decided that I would pride myself and base every job on a no short cut basis, basically if I did a job it was done correctly.

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